Jason VorsterJason Vorster

Owner and head trainer, Shuriken NZ

Jason has been fighting since he could stand. Having been trained under the watchful eye of his father, 6th Dan Larry Vorster, he graded for his black belt in Kyokushin Karate at 17 years.

During his fighting career he won the South African Kyokushin Karate title, and became South African Kickboxing Champion. Jason then set his sights on Mixed Martial Arts and his record stands at 5 wins, and 1 loss before retiring from competitive fighting to train the next generation of kiwi fighters.

During this time Jason has been involved in the training of many champions, and went on to achieve his 4th Dan Black Belt.

Jason has been the New Zealand WAKO ring coach for the past nine years and also works closely with YouthLine ™ – Changing lives, one person at a time.
NZMMAF National MMA coach for the last 5 years .





Logan Price

Shuriken Shodan to Sensei Jason Vorster

Logan Price has been a founding member of shuriken mma nz, as one of the first to walk through the doors when they opened in 2009. Back then he top the scales just under 100kgs and throughout his journey with shuriken mma and under the watchful eye of Sensei Jay he began to make a run down through the weight classes where he is now one of the best bantamweights (61.2kg) in the country. Logan Price is one of the more laid back trainers but puts full enthusiasm into all his classes and gets a high out of members achieving their goals.

List of Achievements

  • 1st Shuriken graded Black Belt in NZ
  • 2x IMMAF world Champs Quarter finalist 
  • Shuriken Amateur Bantamweight Champion
  • XFC Amateur Bantamweight Champion
  • WAKO Oceania Champion 
  • 2018 Lightweight King in the Ring semi finalist 




Kamm Hayden

Kamm came into shuriken mma as a student, but after a few classes we soon seen his potential as being a crucial part of the shuriken mma staff. Kamm’s ability to create any ordinary person into stand up star just after mere few sessions with him. Kamm’s background in Fushin ryu karate is backed by his ability to teach pure technique within all facets of standup styles. Kamm’s bubbly personality makes any intimidating class into the most enjoyable atmosphere . As one the main pad holders, Kamm lives for the sport and wether you are a beginner or a pro you can be assured you will be treated with the same respect as this isn’t just a hobby for him, but his passion.  

List of Achievements